• We offer lessons for beginner through advanced equestrians. For those riders under the age of 5, we provide pony rides. Lessons are available in thirty minute sessions as well as hour sessions and can be purchased at a discounted rate when bought as a package. All our students receive hands on experience. In addition to riding our students learn how to handle, groom, and tack their horses prior to their lessons. We encourage our students to engage in handling the horses they ride. Here at Hidden Pond Stables we find it very important that each student not only learns how to ride but also know the importance of connecting with your horse on the ground.
  • Camp is offered at the facility between late June, through the end of August. Summer camp offers riders of all ages and abilities to learn the basics of horsemanship and excel in their riding careers. During camp students will learn how to handle, groom, tack, and bathe their assigned horse. Campers will participate in mounted games such as: egg n’ spoon, sit a buck, musical horses, Simon says, and red light green light. They will also participate in many un-mounted activities including arts and crafts, water games, and scavenger hunts. Professionals such as farriers, vets, massage therapist, and natural horseman will provide demonstrations for our campers throughout the camp season.

Hidden Pond Stables Welcome’s Girl Scout Troop events to help the scouts earn their badges.